Saturday, March 10, 2018

TurfNet TV - Latest Video is Live..

My latest video for TurfNetTV is live. In this video I have a conversation with Kasey Kauff, Director of Grounds at Trinity Forest Golf Club in Dallas, Texas. Kasey and I discuss his career path to Trinity, the construction and design of the golf course and the upcoming PGA Tour event, the ATT Byron Nelson. This video will give you a little idea of what a unique property Trinity is and the challenge awaiting the PGA tour players. To view click HERE thanks for watching.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Management of Free Water on Springtime Turf..

There is no question that early spring can be a nervous time of year for golf course management teams. Finding out what the ravages of winter has done to the golf course can make or break the upcoming season. One management technique I believe is sometimes overlooked in late-winter/early-spring is the management of free water on the turf surface. With soils still frozen, water doesn't infiltrate into the soil profile, so it just sits or pools on the surface. Positive drainage is much more limited this time of year due to frost formation, snow/ice dams, even turf species and height of cut can cause issues. Through my career I have seen turf damage on multiply occasions that happens during this time of year.

The soil around sand based greens can heave significantly more than the green surface, causing a slow surface drainage situation. This is where attention to remove water is needed.

Here you can see how height of cut and/or turf species can pool water, even with positive surface drainage.

Managing this free water is something everyone should be in tune with. How is it done? It's primarily about knowing the temperature and sun intensity of the day to predict the melt. If the forecast tells you it could be a melt/runoff day, then you should be prepared. You also should alert your staff that it might take working longer hours during this period. Most of this free water doesn't start accumulating until mid-afternoon. It also accumulates at once on all turf surfaces. So with these situations, it's all hands on deck, or should it be, all squeezes in the carts.

Another example of how height of cut can slow water movement.

The use of squeegees to remove the meltwater off the turf surface is the best option.

I always felt better heading home knowing we had removed all the free water possible off the turf that day. So, keep an eye towards the weather, and get those squeegees ready!

Monday, February 19, 2018

The Great Beer Exchange....

Not really sure how it all started, but it's game on for the great beer exchange. This is one of the things I look forward to when we meet for a conference. David Phipps, GCSAA NW Regional Rep who lives in Oregon, which is a great craft beer state, got this started with me last year. So when it comes to meeting at conferences, it's Colorado vs Oregon. Zach Bauer from the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs is the third guy in our exchange. Zach and I exchange local flavors, and he does the CO vs OR thing with David like I do. Recently at the Golf Industry Show we did some more exchanging and really had some fun with this idea. It's just started to catch on over the last year and I certainly look forward to continuing The Great Beet Exchange.

Zach Bauer, left of the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, CO and David Phipps, right of GCSAA from Oregon make their exchange.

I get a Marionberry Sour from Oregon City Brewing Company.

David gets a 2016 La Folie Sour Brown Ale from New Belgium Brewing.

TurfNet Superintendent of the Year...

During the recently completed Golf Industry Show in San Antonio, Texas the TurfNet Superintendent of the Year was announced. For the first time ever, this year there was a tie. Instead of a tiebreaker, it was decided to award co-superintenedents of the year. Rick Tegtmeier, director of grounds at Des Moines Golf and Country Club in Iowa and Jorge Croda, superintendent at Southern Oaks Golf Club in Burleson, Texas were the two winners.

The five finalists seated (L to R) Jorge Croda of Southern Oaks Golf Club in Burleson, Texas, Mark Hoban of Rivermont Golf Club in Johns Creek, Georgia, Chris Ortmeier of the Champions Club in Houston, Texas, Josh Pope of the Old White Course at The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia and Rick Tegtmeier of Des Moines Golf and Country Club in Des Moines, Iowa.

Stephanie Schwenke of Syngenta, presents Jorge Croda (left) and Rick Tegtmeier (right) with the Superintendent of the Year award.
You can watch the award presentation video by clicking HERE

Monday, February 12, 2018

TurfNet TV - Latest Video is Live...

My latest video for is live. In this video I show what happens to the Inside the Ropes area of the Golf Industry Show when things are all wrap up. Pretty interesting stuff. It's all about recycle and reuse to help a local low budget golf course. Thanks to Justin Apel of the Golf Course Builders Association and Ward Kirk, GCS of Rebecca Creek Golf Club for participating in this neat video. To view the video click HERE

Monday, February 5, 2018

Golf Industry Show Coverage

For all the Golf Industry Show coverage from San Antonio, Texas you can follow along HERE bookmark this site for continual updates of what's happening. Enjoy the coverage, brought to you by TurfNet

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Drone Fight at Eagle Ranch Golf Club

With the warm weather, I had a chance to get my drone, ONCOURSETurf-Bird out for a nice flight recently. I did a small flyover at Eagle Ranch Golf Club to check the winter dryness from above. What did I notice? Extensive dryness. This flyover area is normally covered by 2+ feet of snow at this time of year. I've never seen it like this! Take a look...

Friday, January 26, 2018

TurfNet TV - Latest Video is Live

My latest video for is live. In this video I discuss how to make some really neat and inexpensive DIY camera mounts. These camera mounts can be used to get some great footage. Enjoy, and happy filming. To view the video CLICK: HERE


Monday, January 22, 2018

2018 Golf Industry Show

Happy to announce I'll be covering the upcoming for I will be on the trade show floor filming video's of all the latest and greatest products offered. Follow along via Twitter @oncourseturf or @turfnet. You can also go to to check all the coverage of the show. The hashtag #GIS18 can also be used. It's going to be a lot of fun, hope you come along for the ride!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Winter? Where?

The calendar says winter, but if you look outside in many parts of Colorado it's not! In my 25 years of living in the Vail Valley, this is the driest winter yet. As of January 15th the SWE (Snow Water Equivalent) is at 47% of normal for Vail Mountain. Many golf courses in Colorado, especially the front range and western slope continue to winter water to prevent desiccation. Although there is a lot of winter left, it's certainly starting to sound the alarms concerning water availability and drought for this summer.
Most recent SWE graph.

Walking Eagle Ranch Golf Club on January 15th, it didn't seem like winter.

This is what I usually see on Eagle Ranch GC this time of year.
The groomer hasn't left the shop this season!

Haven't even dusted off the Nordic skate ski's this season. Normally I have
about 30 days of skating in at this time.