Friday, April 28, 2017

WinField Academy "Lunch and Learns" headed to Seattle Area

The WinField Academy Tour bus will make two stops in mid-May in the Seattle area. One in Lakewood, WA at Tacoma Golf and Country Club on May 16th and the another at Cablea's in Tulalip, WA on May 17th. I'm really excited to be involved with these educational events. A few years back, I spoke at the Washington Turf Conference and the turnout of 200+ superintendents to listen to my talk was fantastic. I had a great time at that conference and look forward to meeting some of those same superintendents again. The best thing of all it's free, thanks to WinField United for giving back to the industry.

Monday, April 24, 2017

A New Tree Species in Colorado?

A new tree species has emerged in Colorado over the past five years. That tree, named by me, has a Latin name: Cellus Toweris Fakeus, common name: Cell Tower Fake Tree. That's right, this is no real tree. This is a cell tower, acting as a conifer tree. I must admit, in the past five years or so since I first noticed these trees, they have become really good at decorating them. It might be fake, but for many developments it's much better than an ugly tower. The one in the photo is in Glenwood Springs, CO next to Ironbridge Country Club and certainly serves the purpose.

Cellus Toweris Fakeus

Friday, April 21, 2017

Snow-Water Equivalency Below Normal...

One thing is certain about Colorado, weather conditions can change rapidly. Sitting in my new home office a few months ago looking out the window and watching it snow almost daily made me think of big snowpack and plenty of water. Suddenly, a few months later, how times have changed! A few months ago snow-water equivalentcy hovered around 150%, yesterday's reading came in at 59%. Ouch, that is some dip. Let's hope some spring moisture comes along.

The rapid rise in yellow, followed by the sharp decline in green.

Monday, April 17, 2017

TurfNet TV - New Video is Live

In my latest TurfNetTV video I explain an outside filler pipe which I came up with to eliminate any spills inside the pump station facility. Keeping the delivery driver outside. To view click here

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Elk Damage this Season...

This spring I have been asked many times why there is so much Elk damage to trees in many housing areas. I believe it mostly occurred during late January to early February when snowfall hit hard and fast. This left very little food in the higher elevations and Elk herds migrated quickly to lower elevations for food, which brought them in contact with housing developments. One thing is certain when it comes to an Elk herd migrating through your property, nothing is safe! When these animal are hungry and looking for food, watch out.
Common sight this year in my backyard.

Aspen trees, as usual, suffer the worst of the damage.

Nothing is safe. Here the ends of this Spruce tree are chewed above the netting, which extends to 6 feet high. Elk have a 6'-7' reach, which makes protecting trees very difficult.