Sunday, April 9, 2017

Elk Damage this Season...

This spring I have been asked many times why there is so much Elk damage to trees in many housing areas. I believe it mostly occurred during late January to early February when snowfall hit hard and fast. This left very little food in the higher elevations and Elk herds migrated quickly to lower elevations for food, which brought them in contact with housing developments. One thing is certain when it comes to an Elk herd migrating through your property, nothing is safe! When these animal are hungry and looking for food, watch out.
Common sight this year in my backyard.

Aspen trees, as usual, suffer the worst of the damage.

Nothing is safe. Here the ends of this Spruce tree are chewed above the netting, which extends to 6 feet high. Elk have a 6'-7' reach, which makes protecting trees very difficult.

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