Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Solheim Cup 2017 - Come Along for the Ride....

This week I'm located in the great state of Iowa at Des Monies Golf and Country Club. I'm here helping my good friend, Rick Tegtmeier who is the Director of Grounds for DMGCC prepare the golf course for the championship. I'm also producing a v-blog for it's called TurfNet on Tour. Take a look HERE 

It's great to be involved at Solheim Cup 2017. Stay tuned here and come along for the ride!

Friday, August 11, 2017

So you think its been Raining??

This is some of the most interesting data I have seen recently concerning rainfall in Colorado this summer. Everyone seems to think its been raining everyday, when in fact that's not the case throughout the entire state. Take a look at those red numbers, pretty amazing! Eagle to Steamboat is just slightly over 1/3 of the summer average, where the southeastern portion of the state is well above average. This just goes to show how localized the weather patterns can be in Colorado. Hopefully, some of those red and yellow areas can catch up over the next couple months.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Trading Sunrises for Sunsets.........

When I finished my career as a golf course superintendent, I thought one thing I would really miss was the sunrises. Well, Michael Stachowicz sent me a message and told me when he finished his GCS career it was a matter of just trading sunrise for sunsets. He was dead on! As a GCS most of the year you were sleeping as sunsets occurred so you didn't catch many of those. Not any more. I rarely miss a sunset and its one of the highlights of my day! Take a look of some of my July sunset weather photos, enjoy!

This one from the Drone!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

TurfNet 'Tips and Tricks' Video....

My latest video for is live. In this Tips and Tricks video, I highlight an idea from a former intern of mine, Brian Boll. Brian is now the golf course superintendent at North Oaks Golf Club in Minnesota. Brian makes a calendar each season, which everyone on his staff receives on their first day of work. Where this idea really shines is that everyone gets one to take home to reference if needed. Many superintendents have a calendar posted at their facility, but giving each staff member their own copy is not something normally done. This helps keep everyone on the same page. Thanks Brian.....great tip!

To view the video, click HERE