Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Vole Test Plots Established

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit with both the Sonnenalp Club and Red Sky Ranch. The purpose of my visit was to establish some test plots for vole repellency/control using Milorganite organic fertilizer. Thanks to Neil Tretter, Sonnenalp Club and Michael Miner, Red Sky Ranch for being such great hosts and allowing me to perform this testing.

All test plots were 25 square feet and received a rate of one pound of nitrogen per 1000 square feet. Plots were established in areas of consistent vole damage each spring. Most areas were north facing, which will allow prolonged snow cover.

For many years I have noticed vole repellency using Milorganite. These test plots will give me a chance to replicate my past results at other facilities. Can't wait till spring to evaluate. 

Special thanks to Milorganite and WinField United for their support in establishing these test plots.

Here I am, being a mad scientist, weighing material for the test plots. 

This particular test plot at Sonnenalp had already seen some vole activity. 

Many test plots were established next to the native grass to obtain 
the most vole activity.

Explaining to Sonnenalp Club superintendent, Neil Tretter about Milorganite.

Preparing a test plot while Neil looks on.

Always fun driving to the Red Sky facility to see how they blended the outside 
of their building to the development.

Besides establishing Milorganite plots, Red Sky Ranch Director of GC Maintenance, 
Mike Miner and myself enjoyed a lot of Turf Talk, while on top of the world! 

Many test plots were established on north facing slopes to hold the snow 
cover the longest. This plot at Red Sky was shaded at 1:15pm.

With the course closed, Red Sky was as peaceful as could be. 
Always felt I'm on the top of the world when visiting here.

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