Monday, February 19, 2018

The Great Beer Exchange....

Not really sure how it all started, but it's game on for the great beer exchange. This is one of the things I look forward to when we meet for a conference. David Phipps, GCSAA NW Regional Rep who lives in Oregon, which is a great craft beer state, got this started with me last year. So when it comes to meeting at conferences, it's Colorado vs Oregon. Zach Bauer from the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs is the third guy in our exchange. Zach and I exchange local flavors, and he does the CO vs OR thing with David like I do. Recently at the Golf Industry Show we did some more exchanging and really had some fun with this idea. It's just started to catch on over the last year and I certainly look forward to continuing The Great Beet Exchange.

Zach Bauer, left of the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, CO and David Phipps, right of GCSAA from Oregon make their exchange.

I get a Marionberry Sour from Oregon City Brewing Company.

David gets a 2016 La Folie Sour Brown Ale from New Belgium Brewing.

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