Saturday, November 26, 2016

A BIG THANKS to these Three!

I want to give a big personal thanks to these three, Jim Wolan, Tony Chesla, and Chris Myer. These three "old timers" have been at CCR almost as long as me. They have been a huge help to me and my department through the years. Jimmy Wolan is probably the best damn outside services supervisor on the planet. His communication with my department has been fantastic. Thanks Jimmy.....good luck with your new position and it was a pleasure working with you! Tony Chesla has been a stalwart at CCR for many years. Tony and I have had a great relationship together. His help with all the printing of the irrigation mapping over the last 4-5 years has been extremely helpful. Thanks Tony and good luck to you in your next endeavor! Last but not least, Chris Myer or "NOS" as I have named him, which means no "S" on the end of Myer. For some reason this nickname has stuck. Chris is probably the best damn starter on the planet. His communication concerning the tee sheet with my staff has been outstanding. Thanks Chris for all the help through the years. Also, thanks for all the road bike miles we have shared through the years. I wish all three of these individuals the best of luck in the future, I for one, will alway remember you guys! Don't be strangers! Thanks again!!

"Jimmy" Wolan.

Tony Chesla.

Chris "NOS" Myer.

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