Friday, December 9, 2016


We have had some various dusting of snow over the past couple weeks, but finally the "Snow Gods" provided us with a decent little storm. Arrowhead received about 6-8". Looks like this might be the snow that covers the golf course for the winter. Most likely we will not see turf again. This also may be my last "snow duty" day. Throughout the winter, the full-time staff covers snow removal, on alternating weeks. So, today might be it for me. This is one thing I will not miss. It's difficult to have staff (and myself) come in at night and weekends to cover snowstorms when you are here so much during the golf season. It seems like you never can totally let work go and enjoy, even in the winter. Thanks to all my staff through the years who have taken care of "snow duty".

Arrowhead finally looks white, instead of "Native Grass" brown.

Could be the last "Snow Duty" day for me. Now I can truly enjoy snow and not worry how "Snow Duty" is going!

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