Monday, December 26, 2016

Finishing with a Great Intern..

Certainly feels good to finish my career as a golf course superintendent having an exceptional student intern. Jared Kief is from Wisconsin and attends Colorado State University. Early this year he was awarded our Most Outstanding Intern of the Year scholarship for 2016. Jared did a 8-month internship (May-Dec) and help our operation tremendously. I have hosted over 100 student interns in my career and I must say Jared Kief is one of the best. I'm also proud to say that Jared will be interning at Erin Hills in Wisconsin next year, site of the 2017 US Open. This will be a tremendous experience for him as he continues on an exceptional career path. Keep an eye out for this young man, his future in golf course management is very bright! 

Jared Kief - 2016 Most Outstanding Intern.

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