Friday, July 28, 2017

Takeaways from The Open Championship....

One of my favorite tournaments of the year is the 'Open Championship'. The Open is unlike any other golf tournament. It could be called the NO-COMPLAINT Open, which I absoultely love. What do I mean by that? Well, you very rarely hear any complaints from players regarding the conditions of the golf course. It's almost like an unwritten rule, that when you step foot on the property you just play golf. That's right, just play is what it is....what you see is what you get! No "the greens are too slow" or "the heather/native is too thick" or "bunkers are too deep". Just play golf!

My first big takeaway from the Open, was the piece that Jimmy Roberts did on Royal Birkdale's Artisans Club. Fantastic feature! To view click HERE

My second takeaway was Jim 'Bones' Mackay making his debut for NBC/Golf Channel as an on course reporter. I thought for his first event, he did very well. After all, he made the "I think there is a 62 out there today" call, and he was dead on! I certainly look forward to 'Bones' being part of the NBC/GC team and bringing a different perspective on air.

My final takeaway is listening to a great podcast by my friend Dave Wilber, the 'Turfgrass Zealot'. His Podcast about Links Golf and the Open should be listened to by all. Of course, just like Bones predicted a 62, Dave picked you know who to win and he was dead on as well! You can listen to it HERE Well done Dave!

The only thing bad about the 'Open', is we have to wait 12 more months to 'Just Play Golf'! 

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